Mr3D Clicks | Post Processing





Post processing is where most of the magic happens, and an important part of what you get with Mr3D Clicks. Below is an example of what some pictures go through before they're ready for prime time.


All about the photo

Every raw photo in itself is important, as no amount of post-processing can ever fix a lifeless photo. Qualities like the expression, emotion and "the moment" must exist first! 

Below is the original photo of a bride and groom just after exchanging their vows. Although the desired moment was captured, the photo needed some post processing to make it perfect, as I felt there were too many details that distracted from the overall feeling.


Basic Levels and Contrast

The next step was to give the photo more desired levels of brightness, contrast and a tighter crop. In most cases, adjusting these basic settings is all the photo needs. 


Details and Flavor

Sometimes photos need a little extra attention, especially for important key moments like when a bride and groom are at the altar. This is the stage where I take my time and add my own special flavor to the image to get the perfect look. Depending on the image, I'll decide everything from what crop will work the best, what color values to add or subtract, what details to enhance and which ones to remove, etc.

In this particular photo, I didn't like the distracting background elements like the microphone stands, cracks on the floor, etc. Below are some highlighted areas of the photo that I chose to edit:


Finishing Touches

The final stage is to add other necessary polish, such as localized saturation adjustments, blemish healing and curve adjusting. You can see the finished image below: 


CLICK it to switch between the comparison images in high-res: